My song catalog consists of work written with many different collaborators. Only a couple are studio produced, most are DEMOS only.

While a handful are being held by the artist for eventual recording and performance, most of these songs are available to be performed, or recorded, or even placed in media presentations. All rights are strictly reserved and permission must be granted.

Nothing is available for download here at my site. Some may be downloadable at my Soundclick site (see the links box), and the only one commercially available is “Atlantic City” at Jordan’s site (click on his name below). At the top of the page, you can get a pop-up jukebox which will play all the songs on the page.

If you click the “Listen” icon, you will get a pop up to hear the song -- if you click on the song title you will be directed to a page where you can read the lyrics while you listen and get some background on the song (a much better option, since the lyric is my contribution!).

Anthony J. Spinella (Florida)

Out in the ColdFolk RockSinger/songwriterRelationship song with a twistListen listen

Billy Playle (London, England)

Somebody's SonFolk RockPaul Simon-esqueFragility of lifeListen listen

Bobby Watson (Texas)

El DoradoJazzUrbanA cool "walking around town" songListen listen

Brian Boland (Rose Tree, PA)

I Saw My Girlfriend Kissing Santa ClausRockElvis PresleyA novelty Xmas songListen listen

Carlo Pocklington (Paraguay)

Devil Sea (second lyric)RockJazzyJazzy tune about UlyssesListen listen
Jessica NyeRockBouncy, funAbout a woman who seizes her life backListen listen
Man With No NameJazzCabaret, pianoJaunty rat pack piece, a la FrishbergListen listen
YearbookRockBalladStory song, first person narratorListen listen

Eduard Glumov (Kazakhstan)

DreamsPopBalladOld fashioned romantic lyricListen listen
I'm Not Your FriendPopFunkAn Eastern-influenced funk songListen listen
Just a Cup of CoffeePopJazzy, sexyVery sexy jazz/pop pieceListen listen
Slender ThreadRockPower Dance Tune"Girl Power" sort of lyricListen listen

Ian Ferrin (Arnold, CA)

Crossing The ThresholdPopBalladAn uplifting song about a young marriageListen listen
Learning As I GoPopLove songMainstream contemporary pop balladListen listen
None So BlindFolk RockUpliftingWritten with a whole other genre in mindListen listen
Point of DepartureRockIndieUptempo balladListen listen
Same Old Love SongPopBalladThrowback balladListen listen
Vantage PointPopBalladJangly ballad about not being looked atListen listen
VespersFolk RockBallad -- spiritualLove song about the drive home from workListen listen
VigilFolk RockBalladStoic and quietListen listen
World Of WonderRockBallad, spiritualGentle and reflective songListen listen

Jim Chapman (California)

Alice's LocketRockIndieBelle and Sebastian-like ruminationListen listen
Cruel As AprilRockIndieA riff inspired by TS EliotListen listen
Slipped AwayRockFolk-RockHaunting guitar pieceListen listen
Yellow MailboxRockIndieMore indie rock collage writingListen listen

Jordan Peterson (Nebraska)

Atlantic CityRockPopBilly Joel-esque lyricListen listen
HummingbirdPopPower pianoRestless and flutteringListen listen
I'd Rather SleepPopSelf-mockingWhimsical Pop tune about lack of ambitioListen listen

Josh Dodes and Adam Blau (NY and LA)

ConstantRockIndie PopThe seething temptation of the Lower EasListen listen

Michele G. Schultz (Baltimore, MD)

The Captain's DaughterFolkSea ShantyVery naughty, un-PC Renn Faire balladListen listen

Nick Testa (Elgin, IL)

What You NeedRockClassic rockerA very retro 80's kind of tuneListen listen

Nigel Quin (England)

Devil SeaRockFolk RockWritten quickly for a competitionListen listen

Ray Sharp (British Columbia)

Bitter PillRockElvis Costello-ish"Typical" angry collage songListen listen
HeartlessRockHeavy MetalAngry headbangerListen listen
Never NoticedRockUptempo balladSimple AABA ballad, singableListen listen
Punch My TicketRockHeavy MetalVery loud and very angryListen listen

Ron Tintner (Houston, Texas)

The EmperorFolk RockWorld MusicA very rhythmic song about a great manListen listen
VinylRockClassic 70's RockA funky tribute to the age of the LPListen listen

Wolfmusic (Germany)

VancouverFolk RockBalladUnusual emotionsListen listen

Z. Mulls (Philadelphia, PA)

Daphne in WinterFolkContemplativeA folk song about the Daphne mythListen listen
MidsummerFolk RockBallad, musicalA 40th birthday present for my wifeListen listen
Queen of MultitaskingFolkComicA lot a fun wordsListen listen
Rumplestiltzkin: Dead at 95FolkBalladContemplative, interesting POVListen listen