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A thousand evenings sitting in the dark
An ache in your applauding arms
Did those dormant demons jolt awake
Did they sound the old alarms

The milk of human kindness
Curdles in your veins
When the curtain falls, the blindness
Is all that remains

It’s been a while
Since you felt so infantile
And are you still
Living in denial

It’s been a while
Since you coughed up so much bile
Does it make you ill
To choke down such a bitter pill?

Take a breath and slowly count to ten
Take a step back from the railing
It’s the sweet smell of success again
That you can’t help inhaling

Your heart is in the gutter
Your soul is in disgrace
And every word you utter
Has a rancid taste

(repeat chorus)
It’s been a while, etc……

There was a moment of truth
And you slept right through it
Woke up and said, screw it
Now your mind is clearer
Destiny waving in your rear-view mirror

Put your cigarette out in the grass
Pop a mint and come back inside
Line up with the others in your class
Wait your turn to kiss the bride

You practice being cheerful
While everyone’s engrossed
Giving them an earful
Of someone else’s toast

(repeat chorus)
It’s been a while, etc….
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When all else fails, I like to write an "Elvis Costello" type song -- this is very decidedly in "early Elvis" -- hard rocking, angry, and full of images.

This is another "collage" song -- images that seem disconnected, or which can be connected in various ways -- circling around some central emotional truths.

Mostly it’s about sitting at some event, seething with jealousy at someone else’s happiness. Music by Ray Sharp, so if you like this very loud headbanger, listen to Punch My Ticket as well!

Chorus was augmented for the music.

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