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Baby you got it going
I like what you got showing
You got curves that threaten my existence
A way of moving that blows past my resistance
You got lips the color of blood
Got a sharp tongue, pierced with a stud
Got a beer with a lime shoved in it
You got it all, have you got a minute


Yeah you got what you need
Yeah you got what you need
Yeah you got what you need
And you don’t need me

Baby I got it bad
Got the shakes, I’m going mad
I’ve been bitten by a fascinating notion
You and I could be making a commotion
I got a come-on that sometimes works
Hold down a job with a lot of perks
What else I got I am too polite to mention
I got no idea how to grab your attention

Repeat Chorus

You’ve got it made
I can’t persuade
I think you got the gist
You’ve got lips that oughta be kissed
You’re on notice that I exist
Come on, baby, let’s do the twist

Repeat Chorus

Baby I got no chance
You got me in a trance
Let’s get real, you can put me on probation
I just want a slot in your rotation
Turn your dial at least to defrost
Tell me get busy, don’t say to get lost
All you tell me is ”get a clue”
I get your drift but I don’t get you

Repeat chorus twice, with ending
song pic

This song was put together on Musicians Collaboration. The owner of that site, Nick Testa, came to me with this tune, and only had a chorus ("Yeah you got what you need (x3)/And you don’t need me").

He wanted a lyric about a guy hitting on a girl who was way out of his league.

It wrote itself fairly quickly and it became a fun tune. The vocalist took a few liberties with the lyric, but I’ll reprint my original words (with NIck’s chorus) here).

As usual, the final track was a product of a lot of far-flung musicians, as follows:

Nick Testa -Guitars, Sax/keys, Nix and Master
Steve McAndrew - All Vocals
Ken Grover - Drums
Holmez Zombiacus - Bass
Jay Lamothe - B3 Organ

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