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I’m just a guy
Sitting on a stool
Nursing a martini and playing it cool
People walk by
Noone says hi
I’m a man with no name

I’m just a guy
Smelling the flowers
Mister Nobody for several hours
Everyone blown off
Turning my phone off
I’m a man with no name

They can wait
On the contract revisions
They can wait
For the third set of plans
Gonna limit my decisions
To pistachios
Or pecans

I might be a filn director
Looking for an interesting face
To remake "Peyton Place"
Or guest on "Saving Grace"
I might be an amnesia victim
Suffering from a whack on the head
Everyone in dread
Thinking that I’m dead

But I’m just a guy
Everyone ignores
Unobtrusive in the great indoors
Feeling a yen
To watch CNN
A corporate escapee
Whose life is too red tape-y
I’m a man with no name

They can wait
For the fax from Helsinki
They can wait
For the call from Belgrade
I intend to have another drinkee
Keep my nerves serene and unfrayed

I might be a secret agent
With the microfilm in my tooth
Soaking in vermouth
Searching for the truth
I might be a soldier of fortune
Looking for a nice little war
In El Salvador
Or Kuala Lumpaur

But I’m just a guy
Tossing back a drink
Tired of skating on the brink
Sitting contented
Life reinvented
No opposition
To an intermission
Just a desperado
Who’s incommunicado
Just an old bandito
Who’s staying incognito

I’m a man with no name

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I wrote this while sitting in a bar, on vacation, in NYC. While drinking a horrible martini (olives stuffed with bleu cheese.....sounded good in theory).

Carlo Pocklington, my friend in Paraguay (who wrote "Yearbook" with me) really liked this lyric and had an idea immediately.

This was performed at an October 2009 fundraising cabaret by Joe Southard. The audio is of middling quality but Joe did a great job interpreting the song.

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