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VESPERS (2007)

Day comes to a quiet end
Fades gently behind the eyes
Tradeswomen and journeymen
Life cutting them down to size

Each murmers a quick goodbye
Made blind by the vivid light
Struck dumb by the painted sky
God’s overture to the night

Join me watching the day recede
How familiar the song we sing
You bring me the grace I need
Each evening when Vespers ring

My labors are put to bed
Dark memories cloud my mind
What were the harsh words you said?
What made me respond in kind?

Heat vanishes with the sun
Moon cools making anger cease
Forgive me for what I’ve done
My soul is craving a psalm of peace

(repeat chorus)

There’s a hush as the night takes hold
A moment of transition
We speak our love and name our sins
In open-eyed contrition

Cars lined up in silent rows
Heads bow as our hearts atone
See how the procession grows
(We) all carry our sorrow home

I whisper a private prayer
Love grows and is born anew
Keep faith, love, I’ll soon be there
Evening brings me home to you

(repeat chorus)
song pic

Composer Ian Ferrin sent me a melody and asked if I could compose lyrics to it.

The music had a spiritual feel to it, and I played with the idea of Vespers, the evening call to prayer.

Since I commute so much, I couldn’t get it out of my head, and the song became one about leaving the turmoil of the day and craving the peace of the evening. With the one you love.

My favorite image is the procession of praying heads in the cars.....

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