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Coffee in the early dawn
Pouring cream, with nothing on
Climb the stairs and take a sip
Standing in the doorway

(chorus 1)

And there’s God
Lying next to you
Breathing your air
And stroking your hair
There’s God
Lying next to you
And I’m saved
I’m saved


Kissing in the morning light
Affirmations to recite
Part the curtains, watch you go
Standing at the window

(chorus 2)

And there’s God
Walking next to you
Keeping your stride
And being your guide
There’s God
Walking next to you
And I’m saved
I’m saved


Sometime’s there’s god so quickly
Said the fading southern belle
When she got lost in her desire
On her weary way to hell


Evening comes and here you are
Rising quietly from the car
Close the curtains, hold my breath
Standing on the threshold

(chorus 3)

And there’s God
Smiling next to you
Keeping you warm
And holding your arm
There’s god
Smiling next to you
And we’re saved
We’re saved

This is almost a companion piece to "Vespers" (music by Ian Ferrin). In "Vespers" a person commutes home from work, anxious to reconnect with his partner.

In this lyric, the singer watches his/her partner go off to work, and anxiously waits for him/her to return.

I’m working on a setting for this piece with some local artists

crumpled paper