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Alice took her sister bowling
She liked to eat cornflakes at 3am
She helped with the Christmas pageant
Hung up the star of Bethlehem
And it shined for her
It shined for everyone

Alice danced with all the lights off
Flirted with the boys in the parking lot
Lay awake instead of dreaming
Got up to refill the coffee pot
And when she went outside
She smiled for everyone

And I’ll always wonder
What was in
Alice’s locket

Alice walking after school
Alice all alone looking at the sky
Twirling her hair in circles
Following the path of a firefly
As it shined for everyone
With her hand upon her chest
Her hand upon her chest
And I’ll always wonder
What was in
Alice’s locket

Something about confession
Something about calligraphy
Meeting her behind the building
She cried for everyone
There’s a hand in a pocket
Some things open
Some things don’t
Something hard and cold in yielding softness
Leaving an impression
What was in Alice’s locket?

Alice liked to watch the skaters
She liked to look in a robin’s nest
One day she looked far beyond me
I touch a spot upon my chest
And I’ll always wonder
I’ll always wonder
What was in
Alice’s locket?

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I was trying to emulate Belle and Sebastian, songs like "Judy and the Dream of Horses." I half-succeeded in the imitation, but I like what came out. Jim Chapman captured that feel in the music.

The song is not about what’s in the locket. The song is about not knowing. How you can never truly know someone.

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