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Going through the scanning machine
Belt and shoes go in the tray
Feel them staring at my X-ray

How deep can the scanner see?
To the secret heart of me?
Grab my bags and running straight
Racing to the gate

Finally standing
The point of departure
All by myself
Finally looking
The point of departure

Cleared for flight
Cell phone off, the seats go upright
Try to call, you won’t get through
Pretty sure I won’t hear from you

Fifty seat belts click in place
Safety lecture just in case
Ears pop as the engines flame
But it’s all the same

You’re still with me
The point of departure
Holding on tight
Nothing changes
The point of departure

A new start
A break with the past
Someone tell my heart
I’m free at last
But my future is fading fast

Things you said
Words that brushed against me in bed
Every angle of your face
Feelings I forgot to erase

Things I tried to leave behind
Start unpacking in my mind
I thought I’d be free today
But you’re here to stay

And I’m asking
The point of departure?
Now that I’m gone
I’m just asking
The point of departure?

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This was difficult to write words for as the phrasing is very odd, but once I hit on the hook I could start playing with the various meanings of the title.

Ian hired a guy named Erez Koskas to do the drum track, which gives it a nice kick up.

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