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I haul up boxes filled with all your stuff
And halfway through I ask if you have brought enough
Unpacking clothes into the new armoires
We order pizza in a room that now is ours


But cross the threshold, you will find
Two lives now intertwined
(Next to) my old sneaker, your new sandal
My match, your scented candle
Some forgotten alchemy
Makes something new to see
(When we) hold our hands and enter
We’re crossing the threshold

I’m doing laundry on Tuesday nights
And learning how to separate the darks from lights
And what was separate is somehow merged
I’m scared to death that we are standing on the verge.

(repeat chorus)

And somewhere
I see traces of the life I led
On my shelf in the bathroom
On my side of the bed
And this new life
This new address
I can only guess

I hear you humming a room away
Arranging flowers in a casual bouquet
I’ve lived in silence for far too long
I go to find you and join you in your song

(repeat chorus)
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Ian is working on a series of positive, uplifting songs, hoping to collect some of the best ones on an eventual CD. This is another collaboration along those lines.

Once again, he provided a melody and I had to retrofit the "right" lyric to it.

The experience of moving in together with someone is pretty universal, and I hope I captured it well enough.

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