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It's here! QUIET REVELS, a collaboration with Michael G. Ronstadt.

This EP contains five eclectic songs that Michael and I have been musing over for a long time, and I'm so glad we are finally able to share them with you

There are fun, jazzy songs and there are quiet, poetic songs. "Little Jack Horner" is probably the most fun of the bunch, a nursery rhyme mash-up that echoes the "she done me wrong" songs of yesteryear. "Cassandra Blues" is a tip of the hat to Dave Frishberg, an attempt to write in a Frishbergian style.

"O Zebra" is a little jazzy, and a little strange, and at heart is a song about bullying, strength and weakness.

"Falling Angels" came from the idea that the world is in such bad shape, our guardian angels must have just gotten sick of looking out for us. And finally, "Last of the Irish Queens" is another irresistable idea, a young woman who doesn't realize that her sense of self comes from her ancestry, a long line of mystical rulers of which she is the last remaining descendant.

We hope you enjoy these songs. If you want to order the Physical CD, and have it sent to you, click the "BUY CD" button and you will be given a Paypal screen. The CD is $7 plus $3 shipping (US shipping only, for international either contact me or estimate a 4 oz. package to your location)

If you want to download from CD baby, just use the preview screen below.

(And don't forget to DOWNLOAD THE LYRICS!!)

Her subject sleeps upon the bed
So opulent with sweat
The rich perfume of freckled skin
Infused with cigarette
from Last of the Irish Queens