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Waking up before the dawn and wandering in the gloom
Hypnotized by alcohol and traces of perfume
Finding an apology scrawled somewhere near the phone
Leaving nothing more to say
Knowing something slipped away
Knowing someone slipped away

Memories of a thousand beds, apartments and motels
Hasty exits, whispered lies and insincere farewells
Chasing after freedom, always winding up alone
Smiling up until today
Knowing something slipped away

Did she have a name
Lost in the heat and confusion?
Was she a sort of conclusion?
Or was she really here
and did something actual
Something possible

Faces on the subway left in shadows by the sun
Faces wait round every corner, strangers every one
One is half-remembered, lost to whereabouts unknown
Looking, getting led astray
Knowing something slipped away
Knowing someone slipped away

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Another collab with Jim Chapman. This is the first time I wrote a lyric based on an already written melody (verse and chorus).

I listened for a few days until the song started to suggest itself to me.

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