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I’m walking through the city
I’m making people smile
It’s grey and dirty everywhere
But life is still worthwhile

Skipping down the sidewalk
Brightening your day
Me and my purple monkey
Make everything OK


Me and my purple monkey
No one expects to see
Me and my purple monkey
A tiny jamboree
Nothing is depressing
Nothing gets you down
When me and my purple monkey
Go walking through your town


As violet-bright as kool-aid
As purple-packed as grapes
He blends in with the carpet
And contrasts with the drapes

His cinematic color
His Technicolor hue
Calms down people seeing red
And cheers folks feeling blue

(repeat chorus)

See no evil
My monkey just looks aside
Hear no evil
My monkey takes things in stride
Speak no evil
My monkey says nothing wrong
He’ll give a squeak
He’ll kiss my cheek
And he likes to sing this song


Me and my purple monkey
In his pretty orange frock
He likes to stir my coffee
And dance to classic rock

We promenade at nighttime
The dogs come out to bark
When they see my purple monkey
Glowing in the dark.

(repeat chorus again and again)

Funny, silly reggae. I just loved the idea of the guy with the purple monkey walking around.

Yeah, I don’t know I want it to be really a purple monkey or he just sees it in his head....

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