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DREAMS (2007)

I dream
Wrapped in perfume and silk
In a canoe on a river of milk
And honey
And cream
Hand gliding on the oar
Listening hard and watching the shore
My darling, I’m searching for you

I dream
Holding a panther’s tail
Making my way down a dark jungle trail
And breathing
The steam
Stones on my pathway shine
Lit by the glow from the emerald vines
My darling, I’m searching for you

I know my dreams make you smile
Defying interpretation
But every night
I’m boarding a ship
For a voyage at sea
And I know you will be
Somewhere waiting for me
At the finish of every exploration

You dream
I wonder what you see
I wonder if you’re searching for me
Each evening
It seems
I won’t be hard to find
Darling, I’m there exploring your mind
I’m searching in my dreams for you
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I’ve collaborated on a few songs with Eduard Glumov a Kazakhstan composer.

Eduard had this recording of "Dreams" in Russian (I think the singer is his partner Tatiana), and he asked if I would do an English lyric for it.

He had one meaning in mind, but didn’t give me a literal translation to work from (I still don’t know what the words mean). I came up with a new lyric from scratch, called "Dreams," to fit the vocal.

This recording can also be heard in Russian on Eduard’s site. His friend, Tatiana Trofimova, sings both the Russian and English version (which you can hear right here). The accent makes it sound even dreamier and sexier.

This turned out to be an unabashedly romantic lyric, very old school AABA. But that’s what I like about it.

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