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DEVIL SEA (2008)

The boat sail into the night
Like an olive
In an ocean-wide martini
This is not the news you expect from a cruise
It’s more like a film by Fellini
And he wonders
If there’s any chance of getting
The deposit back for the wedding
As he slowly sinks

Into the
Devil Sea
The sirens are alluring
Life slips from its mooring
To vistas uncharted
Hopes are dashed
Choices discarded
Life is always outsmarted
By the Devil Sea

That his password’s set to change
It expires
Before she goes into his e-mail
He remembers quotes
In salacious notes
From a certain libidinous female
And he wonders
If he’d rather drift instead
As the waves break over his head
And relaxing at last

Here in the
Devil Sea....

Everyone knows the day the dream sets sails
And the day it’s blown off course by southern gales
Noone has a plan that never fails
And the devil’s always
In the

An iota of relief
With a rhythm
He knew from zen meditation
The world goes pink
As he starts to sink
And he waves at the friendly crustaceans
And he wonders
If he’ll have a chance of dating
Any of the mermaids waiting
By a coral reef

Under the
Devil Sea....etc
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This was written quickly for a competition. The song had to be about an ocean voyage and had to be called "Devil Sea." While it’s not the best lyric, I do love the "olive in the martini" image....

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