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Look at you laughing
Look at you smoking
I blow a kiss and
You think I’m joking

We go out dancing
We go out drinking
We go out everywhere
What do you think I’m thinking?


I’m not your friend
I’m not your friend
I can’t pretend
Any longer
That I’m his understudy

Why can’t you see?
Why can’t you see
That I can’t be
Any longer
Someone who’s just a buddy

Look at me always
Hanging about you
I blow a kiss and
Go home without you

Your hug is torture
Your kiss is stinging
Some nights I call you and
The phone just keeps on ringing

(repeat chorus)

Your eyes are bright
My hopes are slim
As here we sit
Waiting for him

And here he comes
I play along
He’s not your friend
He’s Mr. Wrong

Look at him laughing
Look at me grieving
I blow a kiss as
You two are leaving

I want to love you
I can’t compel you
My journal has a hundred
Pages of ways to tell you

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This was a writing exercise. The verses had to be four lines, the chorus five, and the bridge couldn’t have more than four syllables in a line (I think).

I hooked up with Eduard Glumov, a Kazakhstan composer, who gave it a really cool pop treatment. I made alterations in the bridge for him.

This song received the Grand Prize in the 2007 International Songwriting Competition, as well as First Prize in the Rock/Alt Division of the Great American Song Contest.

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