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There’s a crack
There’s a crack in the window
And I finally feel the draft
You kept insisting, I just laughed
I promise I won’t laugh anymore
I just never noticed it before

There’s a leak
There’s a leak in the faucet
I can hear it drip all night
I was wrong and you were right
I can hear it from the second floor
I never noticed it before

There was so much that eluded me
So much in need of repair
You wanted so much to have included me
But I was so much unaware

There’s a scent
There’s a scent that is missing
And when you went away
I realized with dismay
It must have been the one you wore
It slowly drifted out the door
I never noticed it before

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This was a simple AABA ballad, originally written with a "great American songbook" feel.

But Ray Sharp took it and turned it into a lovely uptempo rock ballad.

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