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I could reach over the touch your hair
Kiss your ear and start caressing
Start by whispering something like a prayer
Rock your world till you start confessing
Sure you might want some attention
Starting off the week

But I’d rather sleep
I’d rather
Pull the covers to my nose
Spend the day in sweet repose
Plans I drew up yesterday will keep
I’d rather sleep

I could get moving, and mow the lawn
But it’s gonna keep on growing
The salmon tries his best to spawn
But the river keeps on flowing
Vines I cleared away last summer
Curl around my feet

I’d rather sleep, etc.

We’ll build tomorrow
We’ll lay out new foundations
Realize our inspirations
But can we pace it?
Cause I’m not really ready to face it

I can seize the world and work out the kinks
Straighten out the Tower of Pisa
Get out my toolbox, repair the Sphinx
And touch up the Mona Lisa
I could conquer Mount McKinley
Breakdance on the peak


But I’d rather sleep, etc.
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It’s been a while looking for the right "sound" for this one. When I was putting together new songs for a pitch, I asked Jordan to take a look at it, and he did it in the style of Marc Broussard.

I had had someone else try the song a few years ago, but he thought the guy singing the song was sort of a jerk.

Very true.

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