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I heard your glance the other day
I felt it move beside me
I shifted subtly where I lay
You looked and moved astride me
You call, I answer back
You touch my name

The mind’s eye
Skims your shadow
Feels your smile
Knows your presence
Some sweet place close by
See my blood race
Hear my tear fall
Watch my heart ache
In the mind’s eye

I heard your hand reach out to me
I felt it slice my sadness
I sang your soul with sanctity
My throat alive with gladness
You call, I fade from black
You hold my name

(repeat chorus)


Don’t try too hard, you’ll miss the mark
Though I know you burn to see me
You can find me in the dark
Stop and you will learn to see me
We merge across the miles
We dance across the air

Your words are flickers on a screen
Your voice is mistranslated
I close my eyes and you are seen
All of my senses sated
You call, the heavens crack
You are my name

(repeat chorus)

This was an ethereal ballad, in my mind. But my Kazakh collaborator, Eduard Glumov came up with a very different treatment.

There’s a wonderful demo he sent me, but it’s not finished yet and we don’t want to show it off yet. Hopefully, you’ll get a chance to hear it soon enough.

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