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EL DORADO (2007)

Golden moments at last
Sweet nirvana is nearing
All my past in the past
El Dorado

Some crazy dream
No salt, and no woman for holding
My skin is so damn golden
How I gleam

Ain’t no dream
Faded photograph sidewalk
Sepia shadows where I walk
Where I walk

Some days nothing to lose
Blazing sun disappearing
Dust kicks up on my shoes
El Dorado

Three gold balls
Put my soul up for barter
Every week it gets harder
And harder and harder and harder

See the pretty gold band
Give my memory a hearing
Cold hard cash in my hand
El Dorado

And you go underground
Know where the treasure is found
A packet of herbs to burn my mind
And home I fly
Already soaring so high
Incense in the air, as I close the blind

Golden moments at last
Sweet nirvana is nearing
All my past in the past
El Dorado
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Bobby Watson gave me this musical bed to see if I could come up with a lyric for it. It was definitely a "walking around" sort of song. Once I got the phrase "El Dorado" in my head I couldn’t get it out.

So the song is sprinkled with "gold" references, and it wasn’t hard to imagine the search for a high, ephemeral as it is, as the search for the mythical kingdom of gold.

Actually, El Dorado, is based on a real kingdom in South America. When a new king was crowned, he had to live in a cave for a while, seeing on the dark, without salt and without any women. When it was time for the ceremony to crown him, he was painted with gold. I loved those details and snuck them into a dream the singer has before walking....

Demo created online at Musician’s Collaboration
Keyboard/Mixing: Bobby Watson
Guitar: David Cole Wheeler
Drums: Mike Kosacek
Vocals: "TallPaul" from Musicians Collaboration

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