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The mariachis are here
There are sombreros stuck on all the menus
Cinco de Mayo

I got a lime in my beer
I got the nachos with more jalapenos
Cinco de Mayo

Today’s the day you gotta
Do the whole enchilada
With the special ancho sauce
And buy a margarita
For a sweet senorita
Hoping she’ll come across

Our favorite day of the year
It’s so fantastic we say ”mucho bueno”
Cinco de Mayo

(second time)

The French surrendered and fled
From the five thousand brave Mexican soldiers
Cinco de Mayo

The French were bold, it is said
But General** Zaragoza was bolder
Cinco de Mayo

But nobody here drinking
Has the tiniest inkling
When the battle of Puebla was
And nobody can feel a
Thing through all the tequila
Except a damn fine buzz

We’re gonna party instead
The senorita is starting to smolder
Cinco de Mayo

Wearing serapes**
Cinco de Mayo

We’re all so happy

Cinco de Mayo

** pronounced Genn-aire-AL (a la Spanish)
** pronounced sir-APP-aize (in case you didn’t know *g*)

This was an untitled tune by LMK on the Muses’ Muse. I retrofitted a lyric to it. Once I got "Cinco de Mayo" in my head, I couldn’t get it out.

I did some research on the background to Cinco de Mayo, and read about the tragic/heroic battle it celebrates. I was struck by the contrast between what we do on that holiday and what the holiday was about.

Hopefully, we’ll get a good demo of this song together so you can hear it!

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