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She watches the water steam
Drip by drip
Into a pot of decaf
Not her usual routine
(She) paces the apartment
Step by step
Closing in on something
Inhaling memories of caffeine


He watches the water stream
In a daze
Taking his morning shower
Growing conscious by degrees
He’s all in a lather
Feelings rise
Wakes and smells the coffee
Invading last night’s fantasies

(rise 1)

It’s an integral part of the process
Trying to measure the shortest range
Finding the moment it starts to happen
Calculating the rate of change


How fast
How fast are you falling in love?
How swiftly do you lose your mind?
Do you find
That it’s lightning-quick or slow as molasses
Grab the instant, the moment it passes
Find the limit the instant that it’s passed
And tell me how fast
How fast are you falling in love?


He’s wiping away the steam
While he shaves
He clears the mirror up
Sees the reflection of his grin
(He) rinses off the whiskers
From the blades
Hears her in the kitchen
He takes a breath and holds it in


She’s watching the sunlight stream
Through the blinds
Little specks are dancing
Celebrating in the rays
(She) sits in rapt attention
Hears the water running
Her heartbest pings and richochets

(rise 2)

There’s a change from the night to the morning
Some differential we don’t observe
We’re preoccupied with one another
Lost in the contours of every curve

(repeat chorus)

How fast
How fast are you falling in love….(etc.)

This stemmed from a notion about calculus and things gradually happening. Calculus is the study not of change, but the rate at which things change.

This was an indie whirl at trying to relate that notion to a relationship.

The music should be jazzy and happy.

crumpled paper