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She racked them up, and chalked her cue
She took a swallow from her beer
Leaned forward, gave me quite a view
I saw it all

She ran the table in a flash
I watched my take-home disappear
With every shot she took my cash
And sank my balls

She said Let’s go to Vegas, this has just begun
Why not get married, boy, we’ll have a lot of fun

(chorus 1)
That’s when I heard the Voice of Reason
I heard it whisper in my ear
That’s when I heard the Voice of Reason
And I answered loud and clear
(That it should) shut its trap
And get away from here

I got divorced, she went berserk
I left behind two years of hell
I moved away and found some work
And let it drop

The boss’ wife came by one day
Like she had something hot to sell
We watched her swivel and sashay
Across the shop

She had me cornered, she was looking for some kicks
She said, You’re looking good, let’s find a Motel 6

(chorus 2)
That’s when I heard the Voice of Reason
Proceed to lay it on the line
That’s when I told the Voice of Reason
I respectfully decline
(And it should) stick it where
The sun don’t ever shine

You can ignore the Voice of Reason
Just go your way, but you know what?
When you ignore the Voice of Reason
Life comes up and kicks you in the butt

Well, when my world was finished rocking
Had to put it all behind
Went to church and started knocking
On the doors

She was the answer to my prayers
She started playing with my mind
She had me setting up the chairs
And sweeping floors

She said You’ve been a sinner all of your young life
You change your ways, I might agree to be your wife

(chorus 3)
That’s when I heard the Voice of Reason
It’s not as foolish as it seems
Listen to the Voice of Reason
And stop going to extremes
(You might) wind up with
The woman of your dreams

Just had a great title and ran with it. Basic country setup and payoff.

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