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They were three little brothers
Carbon copies
Since the legendary day they were born
They crawled from their crib, grew like weeds
Every pair of jeans was torn
Their Daddy bought the barbecue pit
When the owner moved along
Worked like a dog for the blessed day
He could pass the business on

spoken: And when you visit ”3 Little Pigs” BBQ, you’re bound to notice them.
Well, two of them, anyway

(chorus 1)
One of the brothers fills up the tray
One of the brothers clears the dishes away
The other little brother
He is otherwise engaged
And he is gone, long gone
To San Francisco Bay

Those three little brothers
Peas in a pod
Were the teenage talk of the town
We tore up the roads, raised some hell
Every time the sun went down
We smoked and drank and raced our cars
And took each others’ dares
What they had was mine to use
And what was mine was theirs

(chorus 2)
One of the brothers was the teacher’s pet
One of the brothers you didn’t ever forget
The other little brother
He had other fish to fry
And now he’s gone, long gone
In a rebuilt Corvette

Now everybody went to school
Learned to count to three
The basics of addition
Got just too advanced for me

Three of them plus me made four
But didn’t change the fact
That adding in a woman
Made incentives to subtract

Now the two little brothers
Playing doubles
Can easily be found
They still make the best barbecue
For a hundred miles around
The third little brother disappeared out west
With a woman I once knew
And I don’t get to say those three little words
I barely get to two

(chorus 3)
One of the brothers like to eat alone
One of the brothers pulls the meat off the bone
The other little brother’s got a woman in his arms
And now he’s gone, long gone
Into the great unknown

The BBQ place is actual. We ate there in Nashville (in Henderson, just out of town). Great barbeque.

There were two identical looking guys there, one of whom was our waiter. We asked if they were twins, and he said that they were triplets but the other one didn’t work there.

The rest of the song is entirely fictional.

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