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Long hallways stretching to infinity
Shine with a disinfectant gleam
You cannot see my prized vicinity
Or walk my corridors of dream

My burden slows me, straining
I bear it uncomplaining
And when this lustrous virginity
Shatters into a million pearls
It’s me and the Vivian Girls
La la la la etc.


Seven the sisters of insurgency
Butterfly warriors of truth
Bright light meets evil in convergency
The moistened purity of youth

The battle screams intently
The sky clears incrementally
And when the bells are tolled with urgency
At last the godly flag unfurls
For me and the Vivian Girls
La la la la etc.


Let them show disrespect
Their visages are flecked
And incomplete
They’re dust beneath my feet

Let them show ignorance
They will pay recompense
I leave this shrine
A glimpse of the divine


I drink the wine of immortality
My labored progress is concealed
I ward myself from triviality
Conceiving canvas as a shield

With every thought I capture
The walls dissolve in rapture
These are the realms of Unreality
We fly forever in these worlds
Me and the Vivian Girls
La la la la etc.

I actually wrote this for a musician, and hopefully he’ll still want to compose it. He pointed me to a magazine article about Henry Darger. I did a little more research and wrote this lyric.

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