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Versailles and Chameleon, and Ocelot
The Colchester Inn and Carlisle
I’ve still got the matchbox from every spot
We shared a drink, a touch or a smile
I’ve got a special drawer where I keep the whole batch
We really collected a slew
And every time I strike a match
I burn a little more for you

Volare, Vincenzo’s and Rosemarie
Capuchin, Bridget’s and Liszt
Each little keepsake holds the key
To rekindling times I have missed
When does a reminder become a regret,
I reflect every time I review
I strike a match, and light a cigarette
And burn a little more for you

I eat alone now, I don’t even care
I grab a business card at the door
I don’t see matchboxes anywhere
Cause nobody smokes anymore
Nostalgia’s a killer, traditions don’t last
Everyone finds something new
These keepsakes will soon be a thing of the past
And what will all the matchmakers do?

The box for Pistole is empty now
And so is the one from Kabul
A couple sticks left in the one from Teng Chau
Only three or four boxes are full
When I get to the last match, I’m going to quit
I know what I’ll do on that day
Kill the lights
Take the last match out
And get it lit
And watch while the flame dies away

Basic torch song. Using the names of fictitious restaurants gave me a lot of rhyming leeway.

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