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I think I’m still a little shaken
Cause I thought I saw you last night
I know I’m probably mistaken
You shouldn’t have been
Anywhere in sight

I had you banished
Fade to black
You should have vanished
But now here you are
And it all comes back


Did you get lost on the way to Hell?
Did you have to stop and ask for directions?
I hear they’re done decorating your cell
Did you lawyer make clever objections?
It’s not fucking fair
That I’m still in despair
While you seem to be doing so well
I’m so sick of your crap
Let me print you a map
If you got lost on the way to Hell

I saw you cruising and flirting
Buying everyone a beer
I shouldn’t be the one who’s hurting
Not when it’s been more than a year

I’ve got a debt out
On your soul
How did you get out
Tell me who’d you do
To get on parole

(repeat chorus)


When I said Go to Hell, Baby, I meant it
Do Not Pass Go, don’t take any damn detours
The gate was open, how’d you circumvent it?
I’ve had purgatory, when do you get yours?


Someday I’m gonna see you suffer
You’ll beg forgiveness, lose your nerve
I’ve had it rough but you’ll have it rougher
It won’t be close to what you deserve

I’ll sic a demon
On your ass
I’ll hear you screaming
And just add some more
Vodka to my glass

(repeat chorus)

A friend of mine was particularly upset at a bad break-up. Wrote this thinking of her.

An artist is currently interested in working on this song.

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