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Kiss and Tell
Tell me why it’s taken us so long
Tell me now you only hear my song
I can feel the tightness of your grip
Hanging on as though you’re scared you’ll slip

Kiss and Tell
Tell me quietly the truth you’ve found
Tell me secretly that we are bound
Show me tears you say will never quell
Make me promise I won’t kiss and tell

I have held this door forever
Waiting for you to walk through
In you saunter and endeavor
To forget all that you knew
To forget your sole devotion
To the one who held you last
To forget you’re still in motion
That you’re simply running past

You forget how long I’ve yearned
And how much that I have learned
And you’re telling me with every move
That you know you’ve got a lot to prove

Kiss and Tell
I can tell you think you’ve got a shield
That your hesitations are concealed
I can hear you searching for your voice
But the echoes second guess your choice

Kiss and Tell
I can tell you hope I’m not aware
And you watch me closely as you dare
I can see it in your eyes too well
That you’re worried that you’ll kiss and tell

Every promise feels excessive
Each caress awash with hints
Your performance is impressive
In your effort to convince

Will you hear me if I mention
What your every touch assures
You have got my full attention
But you’ll never give me yours

I can feel your touch recede
I can feel your lack of need
I can feel uncomprehending lust
Feel you drift away with every thrust

Kiss and Tell
Tell me how it feels to have me near
Tell you what, I wish that you were here
But I stare across this great divide
Watch you linger on the other side

Kiss and Tell
Breathe a sigh and think you’ve been believed
You’re the only one that you’ve deceived
What I’m buying you don’t want to sell
And it only took a kiss to tell

Kiss and Tell
You won’t hear me make my private vow
That I’ll take the little you’ll allow
You will never be beneath my spell
But I’m damned if I will kiss and tell

And your arms become a quiet hell
Where we’ll kiss but we will never tell

This song was actually written many years ago, as a rock-writing attempt; it was very long. I recently cut it down for Jim Chapman, with whom I’ve written a couple songs.

He wanted a couple lyrics for a teenage girl singer he’s working with, and this seemed to be the right sort of thing.

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