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Hey You
Buying a drink
And looking for some action
Yeah You
Starting to blink
While I’m issuing you an infraction

You’re not getting off with just a warning
You’re detained until the early morning
Let me read you your rights
And put on my flashing lights


I’m gonna have to book you
I’m gonna run you in
I’m sorry I mistook you
(With those) dimples on your chin

The judge ain’t gonna be impressed
(With the) excuses you invent
But you are under house arrest
For Flirting With Intent


The witnesses are lined up
Get ready for your trial
A dozen experts signed up
They saw you flash that smile

Don’t act all innocent and coy
As if you could prevent
(The) conviction of that naughty boy
Who’s Flirting With Intent


You’re gonna be found guilty
So don’t you cop a plea
So what if you’re found guilty
That don’t worry me

I’ll make a few rash predictions
You’re gonna love my restrictions
I like a man with convictions
As you’ll see


I saw you and I vowed you
Would suffer for your crime
You’ll get the max allowed you
And have to serve the time

You’re gonna shake and rattle and roll
Until we both are spent
And you will never get parole
For Flirting With Intent


But you’re the type who’ll go astray
Refusing to repent
I’ll re-arrest you every day
I’ll keep a detailed dossier
I’ll haul you in without delay
For Flirting With Intent

Another song where the title clicked and I had to write a song on it. This is one of my "Frishberg" type lyrics -- heavy on the wordplay with a strong jazz influence.

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