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The rose is wilted
The candle is out
Cupid has packed up for the night
Wake up, you’re bound to see the light
That’s right
You might feel jilted
But there’s no doubt
Our love wasn’t here to stay
I’m a curable romantic
Tomorrow’s another day

You were amazing
It sure was fun
But everything’s bound to terminate
Just check the expiration date
It’s late
Our love was blazing
But now it’s done
My funny ex-valentine
I’m a curable romantic
Let love wither on the vine

It’s over
Can’t you see that it’s over
Do I have to draw you a sign
Or give you a detailed map?
I’m certain
Time to ring down the curtain
And though my exit was fine
Don’t feel that you have to clap

Don’t push the stakes up
Don’t raise your bet
It’s a mistake to be too bold
Notice the cards are getting cold
And fold
Everyone wakes up
But don’t you fret
I got a kick out of you
I’m a curable romantic
And love’s ending right on cue

Can’t you tell that it’s finished?
You don’t need to fill in the blanks
Or use your decoder ring
All proceedings suspended
And please let me give you my thanks
For every romantic thing

I’ll see you later
It’s all been grand
Don’t send a copy of the tape
Take down the streamers and undrape
The crepe
Go tip the waiter
Dismiss the band
I couldn’t have danced all night
I’m a curable romantic
And love won’t put up a fight

Just wanted to riff on the title -- I was surprised that nobody had tried to use this title before.

Should have a jaunty Rodgers/Hart sound.

I’m particularly pleased with the negative "quotes" from other songs at the end of each verse.

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