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Don’t give me constant romance
I’ll take your love in advance
I’ll keep it safely someplace
In case I need
To throw it back in your face

Don’t give me constant romance
Let’s leave a moment to chance
Just leave, I won’t turn around
We’ll hide and seek
And you can run me to ground

You gotta keep me guessing
You gotta keep me on my toes
I want the unexpected
I don’t wanna know
What’s real and what’s a pose

Don’t give me constant romance
Give me a new circumstance
Make up the rules on the fly
You cross your heart
And then accept or deny

(musical interlude)

You gotta hurt me sometimes
You gotta make me a little scared
You gotta be my lover
But don’t be my love
Cause noone’s ever dared

Don’t give me constant romance
Let’s change the steps of this dance
We may wind up on the floor
The music stops
And I’ll be gasping for more

Tried to write a dance floor song -- something with a thumping beat. I was trying to channel Paula Abdul (the early years).

I’m working on this song with some artists in Philadelphia. This is being set to a gentler music, more of a ballad, and some lyrics are being changed.

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