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The temperature’s rising, the sun’s beating down today
I stop for an ice cream cone at the mini mart
I pick up a message at home and I hear you say
That maybe we could cool down together and I fall apart
But I’m staying smart
So don’t even start
Cause it’ll be a cold day in hell
Before I let you in my heart

I play your message again and wipe the sweat from my face
Listening over and over like I’m in a trance
The heat rises within me as you make your case
Giving all your justifications and excuses, alibis and slants
For the circumstance
But I’ve done this dance
And it’ll be a cold day in hell
Before you get just one more chance

The steering wheel is too hot to touch
It’s such
A long hot summer
But that summer passion that burned uncontrolled
Is cold
And getting number

Our hearts get baked by the summer heat
Without the fire we’re incomplete
We nurse the burns, and though we retreat
We repeat
It all over again

I don’t eat the ice cream and watch it as it sits and melts
My thirst is too damn deep and too hard to slake
And though I know you might be with someone else
I swear I hear a catch in your voice and it starts to break
But that might be fake
For my own sweet sake
It’ll be a cold day in hell
Before I make the same mistake

I really enjoy this one. It’s strong structurally and I can hear "how it should go." I especially like the tacked on rhymes at the end of each verse, just when you think the singer should take a breath.

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