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You murmured
Your murmured something indistinct
You captured something out of the question
You held up traffic in my heart
With barely a suggestion

You helped me paint the nursery
Bought roses for our anniversary

But that was someone else’s dreaming

You happened
You happened in summertime
You quieted my ragged breathing
I drew a line and stepped across
Seeing without believing

You danced with me to old LPs
Your kisses brought me to my knees

But that was someone else’s dreaming

I would have realized if I dared
There were thoughts that weren’t shared
And I drank a different wine
Living in dreams that weren’t mine

You whispered
You whispered words I lost somewhere
You confounded my skin in quiet places
You left me in an empty room
With phantoms of embraces

And love was something strong and fine
Standing in the winds of time

But no, you woke up from my dreaming

And you
You were someone else’s dreaming

A composer is currently working on this song.

The original title was "Premise" (..’but that was someone else’s premise’..) but the word was too coy for its own good.

I made the title more accessible and people responded better to it.

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