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MR. DEJA VU (2007)


Hey, Mr. Déjà vu
What you doing round these parts?
Thought I’d seen the last of you
Got a thing for broken hearts?

I’ve been cursing you for quite a while
It’s summer and there’s reruns
Every time I turn the dial

Been a fool once already
Fool me twice, shame on you
Hey, Mr. Deja Vu


Hey, Mr. One Mo’ Time
Can’t you see I’m on my knees?
Sang my love song out and I’m
Out of breath for the reprise

I can hear you calling out “Encore”
Used up all the strength I had and
I can’t give you any more

I can’t waste time reliving
My Casanova prime
Hey, Mr. One Mo’ Time


I was thoroughly defeated
Now it’s all to be repeated
This is not at all what I needed
And everything being equal
I’d rather skip the sequel


Hey, Mr. Back So Soon
Seems like you’ve hardly been away
I have got to ask a boon
Come on back some other day?

I was hoping I could get some rest
Hide that valentine, cause I just
Brushed my teeth and got undressed

Your timing is atrocious
So darn inopportune
Hey, Mr. Back So Soon
Good afternoon!
Hey, Mr. One Mo’ Time
It’s been sublime!
Hey, Mr. Déjà vu
Hey, Mr. Déjà vu

Another "falling in love again" lyric. This one is sort of a saloon piano song -- barrelhouse or music hall.

Similar to the music hall songs on the Queen "A Night at the Opera" album.

This could be done in several different styles.

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