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Do you want my love
Or what’s behind the curtain?
Do you want something sure and strong
Or risk it for something uncertain
Open your eyes
Look right at me
Don’t peek behind Door Number Three

You got a bird in a hand
You want a pig in a poke
Why do you treat my love
Like some kind of joke
Why do you fantasize when I’m giving you something real
I’m not the kind of man to play
Let’s Make A Deal

Nothing up my sleeve
Nothing underhanded
Why do you keep raising the stakes
When you’re only lowering your standards?
It’s not giving up
To take a shot
With what you have already got

(repeat chorus)
You got a bird in a hand, etc.


Old-fashioned love is gonna stay in style
You just have to stick with it a good long while
It isn’t too enthralling
To always find you stalling
For some longshot option to come down the aisle

(musical break)

(maybe repeat v1)
Do you want my love, etc.

(repeat chorus)
You got a bird in a hand, etc.

Another "angry Elvis" sort of lyric, with clever allusions.

If you don’t know the TV show, a few of the allusions will go right by you.

I’m fond of the chorus.

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