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So I was sitting with him
Having coffee
Loving the way his scarf went round and round
His neck
Made me want to strangle him
So I said what the heck
Left him gasping on the floor
They won’t let me drink coffee there
Any more

So I was standing the the
(And) admiring the way his hair reflected
The light
Made me want to rip it off
(So) I shrugged and took a bite
Got some hair and nicked an ear
Haven’t gotten near an client
For a year

Halcion days
Psychotropic nights
I really need to calm down
So they tell me
I need to calm down
Halcion days

Some of my clothes still fit
Don’t you think?
What was that….
Did you wink?
I think
I like you a little bit

So I was walking down the
Frozen aisle
Digging the way he seemed to smile an
Awful lot
I smiled and said hey why not
Shoved some fish sticks down his throat
I managed five but I’m trying
Not to gloat

Halcion days….etc…

I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote this. Just a goofy idea.

I saw Lucy Wainwright Roche perform and thought it was the perfect sort of song for her -- or someone like her. An offbeat singer/songwriter, with a good sense of humor.

I could change Halcion to something else -- I was looking for a mind-altering drug, and certainly wanted to pun on "Halcyon"

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