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With your final kiss conferred
I perceived you laughing gently
And your promise fell unheard
As if whispered accidentally
When your ship had loosed its mooring
And you conquered your confusion
How could all of your exploring
Lead to me as your conclusion

Bring me back into the light
Turn me away from the long, winter night
For you bring a change of season
I no longer feel forsaken
I can feel myself awaken
Now you’ve given me a reason
Suddenly tomorrow seems bright

I have heard your laugh arise
High above the writhing choir
I have stared into your eyes
In a pool of liquid fire
Though you swore that you’d remember
I could feel a crucial tearing
I have dwelt in the December
Of a universe uncaring


And I felt a sudden shift
When I heard you laugh behind me
And I felt the shadows lift
Knowing you’d returned to find me
Like the first star of the evening
Like the first clear ray of morning
You’ve restored me to believing
Without any word of warning


Based on the myth, of course. Simple song about a girl who leaves (like Persephone) bringing gloom and coldness; and returning, bringing springlike feelings.

A composer actually did this one in the mid-90’s. I wasn’t thrilled with the output and we didn’t work together anymore. Recently I tracked him down on the Internet, and he was fine with my "reclaiming" the lyric for re-use, as he doesn’t do vocal music anymore.

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