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OVERDUE (2006)

How long are you going to sit in the wings?
Those lights get turned off sooner than you think
You find distractions in the most redundant things
That keep you safely miles from the brink

Step to the edge
And climb out on the ledge
And step off without waiting for your cue

It’s overdue
Take a picture of your past
Find a frame and sell it fast
For whatever you can get
Everyone has a regret
Or maybe two
Turn the page, it’s overdue

You calendar still says December of last year
Your vault of yesterdays grows unforgiving
You make adjustments but they’re less than they appear
Stopping smoking doesn’t mean you’re living

Don’t watch the lines
You’re missing all the signs
Your exit miles behind you, out of view

It’s overdue
Take a picture if you must
Then go do what you discussed
In a smoky corner booth
You’re familiar with a truth
That still feels new
Sign the check, it’s overdue

So you lost your best friend
Or the one you thought was the best
Everything comes to an end
The good, the bad, and hell, all the rest

Well before you come in and take off your coat
Tomrrow stopped by and he left you a note

You’ve got perspectives that you’ve photographed too much
Maybe you should try a different lens
Familiar angles give you comfort in a clutch
Or else they are a crutch, it all depends

Lie on the bed
And hear what’s in your head
The call you’ve tried too hard to misconstrue

It’s overdue
And the pictures you suppressed
Should get bundled with the rest
That’s a place you’re coming from
You’ll be traveling some
Other avenue
Get some air, it’s overdue

Find your way
It’s overdue

This song is very specifically written for a friend of mine. I was writing her an e-mail and suddenly found that everything I was saying would work best as a lyric

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