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My participles dangled
My prepositions drooped
My pronouns mashed and mangled
I bravely regrouped
I don’t remember much of
The limited language of love

My dipthongs desecrated
My vowels very vexed
My syntax variegated
And vaguely perplexed
I am a devotee of
The limited language of love

This blind date
Makes me
Makes me shake and shiver
Makes me bloviate

I’ve a very
Void vocabulary
Making me deliver
Vocal dysentary

I stammer and I stutter
It’s too pathetic really
I murmur ”pass the butter”
It sounds like Swahili
Aren’t I ignorant of
The limited language of love

Writing exercise where we had to limit what we could use as the first letter of each word. We were to us A and T, and then choose 10 others -- every word in the song had to begin with one of the 12. (I chose M P D O B L I R V S)

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