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I’ve got to get some things done
But you only want to have fun

Kick off your shoes
Let me see that famous smile
I got a slew
Of things to do
But I’ll put them aside for a while

Put up your feet
Let me fetch you something cool
I got the weight
Of the world on my plate
So let’s work it out beside the pool

Mama said you’d be a bad influence
Say what you might
Mama was right
Mama blew her stack at your impudence
Sitting outside
Letting things slide

Hold all my calls
Playing hooky isn’t a sin
I know the drill
We’re just taking a chill
While this crazy world continues to spin

(musical bridge)

Mama said the fact’s undeniable
Your lifelong plan
Is getting a tan
Mama told me you’re unreliable
Maybe that’s fair
What do I care?

Sit on my lap
Let me have a little reprieve
It’s not a crime
To have quality time
Not a more productive goal to achieve

Mama don’t throw sticks and stones
At my feckless, reckless Lazybones

Easy song, came quickly, not one of my best.

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