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Cut my heart out
Isn’t that nice?
Wrap it in plastic
Keep it on ice
You might as well keep it
I won’t be needing it much anymore
That’s for damn sure

So much room now
Under my ribs
More room for storing
Betrayals and fibs
I think that I like it
Don’t really have too much choice anyway
I have to say

You’re heartless
Now so am I

You made me your creature
When I felt your blade
You’re such a good teacher
Watch me earn my grade

My love’s gone now
Clean off my plate
Hundreds of new ones
Pound at my gate
And they better watch it
I don’t believe that I’ll spare anyone
I’ve just begun

You’re heartless
Now so am I

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Not one of my best lyrics -- this was a quick one written many years ago as a "let’s see if I can write this sort of thing" exercise. I did think that if it were ever set, it would have to be a heavy metal or headbanger.

And here it is, compliments of the indefatigable Ray Sharp.

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