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I’ve got the feeling that there’s trouble ahead
Woke up this morning with a feeling of dread
Events are following a downward trend
To a fateful encounter, an unavoidable end

I’ve got that feeling, a feeling of doom
I don’t want to leave my nice comfortable room
One step outside I’ll be hurtling full steam
To a total disaster, a fiasco supreme

(chorus 1)
I’ve got those
Cassandra Blues
Don’t turn the page because it’s more bad news
My noggin is exploding
With portents of foreboding
I know some new woe
Is ready to go
It’s not that I’ve seen many clues
It’s just the “Hey there, bad times, come on in”
Cassandra Blues

I’ve got that feeling, that kick in the gut
There’s bad stuff brewing I just don’t know what
It won’t help to plan, and I can’t improvise
I’m on Wheel of Fortune, but I don’t want the prize

(chorus 2)
I’ve got those
Cassandra Blues
Opening night, waiting for the reviews
That ugly premonition
That flash of intuition
I could use an antacid
Everything’s flaccid
I already drank all the booze
I’ve got those “Where’d I put that policy?”
Cassandra Blues

The fates can be a mite capricious
Something’s coming, something vicious
Some Jack Horners get no plums
Something wicked this way comes

(chorus 3)
I’ve got those
Cassandra Blues
Storm clouds over the Jamaican cruise
The churn in the abdomen
It’s always been an omen
They’ve broken all the locks
On Pandora’s box
Misfortunes are lined up in queues
I’ve got those “Why’d I give up cigarettes?”
Cassandra Blues

I love Frishberg and got this title in my head -- just a long riff on the idea of always anticipating bad things coming.

My favorite line is the one about the insurance policy......

I’ve now joined Tom Lehrer and Allan Sherman in the ranks of people who have rhymed "abdomen" in songs....

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