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They walk along the Boardwalk
He buys her cotton candy
The moon is bursting yellow
They’re feeling young and randy
Kissing by the railing while this middle-aged guy comes into view

The middle aged guy can see her tattoo
And he doesn’t know what to do
About the raise he didn’t get last fall
Maybe he needs surgery, the doctor will call
Sometime next week
He’s trying not to freak
And he’s got this feeling in his bones
His wife has a serious jones
For the guy that mows the lawn

And the boy and the girl move on
Cause the night is hot, and the Summer’s half gone


They grab a
Slice of life
Wash it down with a pina colada
Slice of life
They thank the stars, and the stars say “de nada”
Costs a dollar to get three tries
Hit the target and win a prize
It’s no tragedy otherwise
It’s just a Slice of life


They go and find a psychic
The room is hot and narrow
They hold hands and they giggle
While she reads their tarot
Underneath the table there’s some groping when they can get away with it

The lady with the cards is squirming a bit
Because her head’s about to split
She took some Tylenol ten minutes ago
Her good for nothing husband needs some serious dough
To make his bail
She was a bride by mail
Left Leningrad without a hitch
And married that son of a bitch
When the Soviet Union fell

And what does the tarot tell?
It’s the wheel of fortune and it’s ringing their bell

(repeat chorus)


They’ve discovered a new world
And the time is fleeting
They call out to the new word
Their joyous greeting
He says “Hola!“, she yells “Bingo!”
You walk among the natives got to learn the lingo


They’re walking past the rentals
He finds a way to wow her
He grabs her hand and drags her
Into an outside shower
The older lady walking her dog sees four young feet

And she thinks to herself it’s sort of sweet
It’s strange that she feels complete
When she was that age she never had it enough
Sometimes she’d encourage him to make it rough
She’d give him sass
And he would spank her ass
But he gave himself a heart attack
Too much Johnny Walker Black
And too much char-grilled steak

The shower starts to shake
The dog starts to howl and the neighbors wake

(repeat chorus)

This one came out really well. The setting is a la Billy Joel.

The idea is a young couple who can’t control their hormones -- their hands are all over eachc other. As they walk, we get interior monologues from older people who see them -- we contrast their depth of experience with the randy teenages.

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