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Let the door close
You don’t have to hold it
I’ve been waiting for you to go

That’s a good one
Who’s the one who annulled it?
Who’s the pope and who’s the royal


So you’re angry
Or you’re celebrating
It seems incidental to me
How you feel

I’m enthralled to
Watch you navigating
In and out of alleys like
It’s some ordeal


Easy come
Easy go
Just be careful on the one-way streets
Pay attention when the scene repeats
You’ll hear some words you know
Easy come
You sweet bastard
Easy go


And do you understand
There’s not a lot to tell you on the other hand
Are you in the mood for some reflection?
If you keep going on the same direction
It shouldn’t come as such a shock
To find yourself circling the block

Sounded good when it started but I think it’s underdeveloped. Maybe I’ll pull it out and work on it some more if someone is interested...

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