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Mrs. Pennywhistle bought a ticket to France
Took her favorite lipstick and the itch in her pants
Got there in the morning with the gardens in flower
Taking applications for the man of the hour

Love is just an afternoon away
Get beguiled
Hasn’t the tingling got you riled?
Come on out to play
Cause Love is just an afternoon away

Mrs. Pennywhistle met a man on the metro
Partly balding, cute and unmistakably hetero
Went back to his flat after some friendly coercion
For a couple hours of aerobic exertion

(repeat Chorus)

Have another glass of champagne
Life is good, no reason to complain
Sometimes you just have to take
A break
From the mundane

Mrs. Pennywhistle got back home to High Wycombe
Steaming up the shower singing she could still pick ’em
Welcomed home her husband with a kiss on the cheek
Wearing her new perfume from a Paris boutique

Perfectly silly little lyric that should sound like "Penny Lane" or any of those bouncy Paul McCartney pieces.

High Wycombe is an actual place near Heathrow Airport and is pronounced "hi wickem"

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