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I could have said Yes
I could have been smart
Walked out the door and never looked back
Spent all the following evenings apart
Feeling so black
And you were right
You were right
But nothing could make me admit it

I could have said no
I could have just lied
Made protestations and held you too tight
Kissing your tears of relief as you cried
Made love through the night
And you were wrong
You were wrong
To think that I’d let you permit it

Didn’t say anything
Just half-smiled in a fairly ambiguous way
Moved my head in a sort of a nod
As good as a wink
And as clear I think
Watched your eyes watching mine
A prospector panning for gold
The spy who came in from the cold

I could have said something
I could have committed
Made a decision and followed it through
Instead I stood staring with teeth fairly gritted
And what could you do?
And I was sure
I was sure
That as time went on there’d be more
Too many more
Scenes like this

Another early attempt at rock lyrics. Not the best attempt, either.

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