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SUCCUBI (2006)

When the lights go down
We are transfixed and enrapt again
It is strangely hypnotic
Furniture salesmen best the enemy
And bed the girl with thrusts of fire
Schoolroom teachers are the objects of lust and desire
Our minds succumb to the narcotic
We put down cash and make a human sacrifice
Leave our gutted souls behind on the sticky floor
Our empty shells burning in the sun
Still worshipping the Knave, the Brute, the Whore

When the lights are low
We lie together and unfulfilled
Once again disappointed
Insurance salesmen reek of alcohol
And bore the girl with limp exertions
Secretaries mourn their fantasy’s desertions
Exclusion from the world’s anointed
We drink our desolation straight, and camouflage
The reek of failure with cosmetics and colognes
We turn aside and reread magazines
Describing vivid gods, their tales, their thrones

When the lights burn hot
They line the carpet red as unspilled blood
To our unthinking ovations
Carnival barkers lead processionals
They raise a glass to do the toasting
Shrieking harpies praise the garments and the boasting
Sharing conquests, reaping congratulations
Would that the carpet led them right to the abattoir
Or to the stake where all the heretics are burned
Their bewitchments and their pentagrams destroyed
So that our souls at last can be returned

This is an odd piece. I was trying my hand at a Jacques Brel lyric, like Funeral Tango. It’s a little overwrought.

Would probably be helped by a refrain or a bridge.

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