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It’s been an hour, you haven’ t showed
I’m thinking that it’s time I ought to hit the road
I got my hopes up, I must admit
I guess I must have fooled myself a little bit

But here I am at that no-name bar
At eleven eighty Main Street East
Answering your ad sure felt a little bizarre
Unusual, to say the least

Well, I’ve been searching up and down
I’ve memorized the shelves of every bookstore in town
I’ve had enough espresso there are spots in my eyes
So when I saw your ad I thought I’d won a prize

’Cause I like bowling and shopping antiques
And laughing at the latest fad
I’d eat pie and watch a marathon of ”Twin Peaks”
And everything you put in your ad

But that’s a pipe dream, I now see
I’ll scurry home and see what’s showing on TV
I guess I better give it the gong
Cut to the chase
I’m looking for love in the wrong,
Wrong place.......


I got here early, prepared to wait
It sets a bad impression when you show up late
I even bought new earrings that I plumb forgot
I worried that I wouldn’t find a parking spot

But I didn’t have trouble spotting the bar
At eleven eighty Main Street West
I’ve already downed my second pinot noir
Overanxious and overdressed

Guys at the gym are on the make
And dating at the office is an awful mistake
Got lots of creepy e-mail when I placed my ad
But when I got your note it made me mighty glad

Cause I like silent movies on a rainy day
And spending all Sunday in bed
I like Colorado and cabernet
And all those things your profile said

But that’s the ball game, I’ll say good night
It burns me that my girlfriends were completely right
So much for sliding headlong
To first base
I’m looking for love in the wrong,
Wrong place.....

(Him) I guess my picture didn’t suit you so well
(Her) It all makes sense now why you wouldn’t give me your cell
(Him) I was foolish to even hope
(Her) I should have paid attention to my horoscope

But here I am at that little bar
At eleven eighty on Main Street
Tipping the bartender, waving au revoir
And beating a slow retreat

(Him) I might switch from espresso to jasmine tea
(Her) I guess it’s back to scoping out the gym for me
(Him) Five years from now I bet I will be looking still
(Her) It’s hard to find someone who really fills the bill

’Cause I like chocolate, and walks in the rain
And gazing at the stars above
I like baths for two with a little champagne
And steamy nights of sweet, sweet love

(Him) Look down the block, there’s still no sign
Looks like I learned my lesson about dating online

I guess I’ll be running along
About face
I’m looking for love in the wrong,
Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong

Had fun with this one. Each one sings the whole melody and then they come together.

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