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You come to me and you are silent
You give no greeting when you sit
You drain the glass in one swallow
I want to hear what you will admit


The stillness stretches on forever
The glass lies broken at your feet
And all the words lie there unspoken
Scared of confession, wary of deceit


I’m listening
I’m listening


If the words won’t come
If the words are a foreign language
If the words turn to fire when you speak
Then sing
Sing your fire
And if the song won’t come
If the music burns inside you
If the words feel like ash in your mouth
Then sing without words
La la la la la la la (etc.)


What are words that don’t have meaning?
What are songs that pass the time?
What are you telling me?
Is it a crime?
Is it?


I hear your song and I’m uncertain
I hear your phone begin to ring
It clamors for your attention
Well you answer, or will you sing?

If the words won’t come, etc.

This was written for a collaboration competition where the title or hook had to start with "If"

This was the second lyric I wrote, but by the time I wrote it, the team had already run with the first idea. I actually liked this one better.

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