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HE'S GOT YOU (2005)

He parks his SUV so it takes up two spaces
And plays his radio loud
(He likes) movies with bimbos and screeching car chases
Brags that he’s well-endowed
He’s got a beard and a scar on his arm
And an old military tattoo
He hasn’t got one iota of charm
So tell me why
He’s Got You

He’s got an ex-wife who’s garnished his wages
They just put a lien on his house
He’s got a rap sheet that runs to three pages
(And) his fingerprints on your blouse
He’s got a jacket that’s made of fake leather
And a personal ad that’s untrue
He’s got excuses that don’t hold together
And worst of all
He’s Got You

(bridge 1)
He’s got your heart
Folded up in his wallet
Next to a condom
Marked with your name
He knows the rules of his game
I can see him laying his claim

(musical interlude)

(bridge 2)
He’s got your heart
Crumpled up in his gym bag
Next to a bottle
Of brand-name cologne
He’s got a plan of his own
And your messages saved on his phone

He’s got the sound of your gratified chuckle
Something I no longer hear
He’s got your fingers undoing his buckle
And your whispers against his ear
As you drive home, unsteady, unstable
He’s watching pay-per-view
Touching the ring left behind on his table
I have nothing left
He’s Got You

This lyric is perhaps rougher emotionally than it needed to be. Several people commented that some of the lines went "over the line" a bit for them. But you know, sometimes you just have to write what comes out.

Very slow country blues, I think.

crumpled paper