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You’re a double-shot stud, you ain’t nobody’s dud
I know I got a prize
When we go out dancing, everybody’s glancing
And they try you on for size

But I don’t worry when I see a flurry
Of those Friday evening queens
Cause I know you’ve got hidden something sweetly forbidden
Underneath your Levi jeans

You’re wearing my panties
Ain’t it something being kind of wild
Watching you it gets me kind of riled
It’s really exciting
You’re wearing my panties
It’s a little secret that we share
If they could only see what’s under there
Knew what you were hiding

It’s our little secret, don’t you give a peek at
What is keeping us in sync
We don’t need persuasion that a healthy relation-
Ship could use a little kink

I go out to find you and sneak up behind you
Just to pat your derriere
Cause I know I’m pattin’ something silky and satiny
Tucked away down there

(repeat Chorus)
You’re wearing my panties…..etc.

I want a man who knows who he is,
Who’s totally secure
I want a man, not a little boy
Who always acts immature
I want a man who knows how to love me,
Doesn’t need to learn the moves
Give me a man who knows he’s a man
And doesn’t have a thing to prove

(Repeat Chorus)
You’re wearing my panties……etc.

No, this would never fly in real country. The premise is that the singer (female) likes that her man is secure enough (and kinky enough) to wear her panties.

I’d like to think with the right artist the song would "play" but it’s probably not the right audience.

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